Nourishing the Hungry & Sustaining the Famished; One Stomach at a Time!
Includes dill pickle spears & peperoncinis, A lavish tray of delicious sandwiches, Each cut in half with your Choice of bread & fillings
16 Halves
starting at     $55.60
Serves 7-10
A Tray of Traditional Sandwiches cut into quarters, arranged on a tray; You choose the bread & fillings
28 Quarters
starting at    $48.65
Includes dill pickle spears & peperoncinis
Petites aka:Sliders
Petite white  or Squaw rolls filled with choice of fillings



Specialty indredients                                $3.75 each

Traditional indredients                              $2.75 each

Traditional w/cheese                               $3.10 each


On The Side
Macaroni Salad
$1.50 per person
Potato Salad
$1.50 per person
Cole Slaw
$1.50 per person
Fresh Fruit Tray
$3.75 per serving
Garden Salad
$3.95 per person
Signature Salad
$7.25 per person
½ Portions of a Cobb, Chef, Chinese, Southwest or O'Shannon
Potato Chips
$1.50 per person
Lightly Salted   ∙   Jalapeno Heat  ∙   BBQ   ∙   Sour Cream & Onion
Veggie Tray with Ranch
$2.95 per person


Prices are subject to change and we apologize for our inability to provide you with an advanced notice.

Sandwich City